Sand Hollow Senko Bass Method


We hooked up with Uncle Robert last week for the maiden voyage of 2008 in his tracker bass boat. Our smiles quickly faded when motoring across the lake the engine overheated and we had to turn back. Turned out that the impeller for the water pump was hamburger and the engine was not cooling at all.


Not to have our fishing day ruined we headed for the shallow side of the lake to try some shore fishing. It was a little early for the big bass as the water temps were not quite up yet. The day was spectacular though and we couldn’t think of a better place to be.


Uncle Robert taught us how to fish for the bass using the senko method with a texposed hook. Another name for the method is called dead-sticking, I think. It took a lot of patience and we had to fish terribly slow. We finally found this spot where the water was deep enough and close to cover.


Senko Success! Uncle Robert snagged the first nice bass, his first using the senko method. He got pretty good at it and ended up cathcing another nice big bass and missing a couple more.


After some careful tutoring and watching the master, Dad figured it out and caught his first bass using the Gary Yamamoto senko bass method. I got skunked but had a great time and enjoyed the carne asada fries at Alberto’s in Hurricane, UT on the way home.

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