65 foot Hansen Houseboat for Sale

65 foot Hansen houseboat shares available on lake powell

For more than 15 years my family has enjoyed Summer vacations on scenic Lake Powell on this 65 foot long Hansen Houseboat “The Interlude”. When my Uncle David was forced to sell his share a few years ago I scraped together the money so I could continue the Summer tradition with our family. Hopefully, everybody has had a chance to enjoy the houseboat with us on Lake Powell. It is truly a breathtaking experience to explore the miles of shoreline and magnificent red rock canyons. Sleeping on the top deck under the stars will always be a fond memory for me. My very favorite thing was to hike the shorelines alone and explore the quiet coves with my bass fishing gear and a bottle of water. We caught some pretty decent bass and walleye over the years, and the kids could always catch Carp and Catfish over the side of the boat.

This year marks the end of an era for our family and the fun times on Lake Powell. I now have a renewed respect for my Uncle David Conley who captained this boat for so many years, allowing us to simply be guests. The past few years as I have captained the boat myself, the fun has diminished and the stress is piled on. Now it’s time for somebody else to take on the adventures of houseboating and share it with their family and friends. My apologies to all who did not get the chance to join us. Sharing the magic of Lake Powell with as many as possible was always the goal for Uncle David. Thanks to him for introducing us to this special and almost sacred experience.

I had hoped to enjoy one last Summer on the lake this year, but unless I win the lottery – this is the end. If any of you happen to win the lottery or get a huge tax return you can buy my share and invite me to join you on this fabulous Lake Powell Houseboat. I promise to be the best darn deck-hand you’ve ever seen. I do windows and clean toilets. I can cook too!

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