A Good Big Sister

Alyssa holding Brianna

Our new baby Brianna will be two weeks old tomorrow. The kids are adjusting well to a new sibling in the house. Travis and Alyssa especially love to hold the baby and still the novelty hasn’t worn off. Brianna has been sleeping okay at night although her schedule is still a bit messed up and sometimes she sleeps all day and wants to eat all night. On Monday I hope to get back to somewhat of a normal schedule myself since I have been helping Jolynn a lot the last couple weeks. I am ready to get back to work and I have plenty of things to do to keep my websites performing as they should.

A few nights ago I took Alyssa and Hannah to a regional High School drill team competition and they had a blast. I try to spend time with my kids as often as I can whether it is just doing stuff around the house or going on a “date with dad”. Alyssa said she would like to be a cheerleader and get thrown up in the air. I told her that in college big strong boys throw theĀ cheerleaders up in the air. She replied with a sparkle in her eye “Ooooooh Daddy, I would like that”! Heaven help me when she is a teenager.

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