A Visit to Great Grandparents

Elwyn Reeder hold baby Brianna Lee

When we went to St. George this past week for Jolynn’s six week checkup we stopped in to visit my grandparents. It was the first time for Grandpa Reeder to hold little baby Brianna. The kids always love to visit grandma and grandpa because they are kind and silly. You never know how many days they have left, so we try to make time to sit and talk and listen to their stories.

Grandma Thelma Reeder

Grandma doesn’t like her picture taken, but I let Max play with my digital camera and this one turned out. They have been going through their mountains of stuff as they are thinking of moving to a new home. It is amazing how much stuff you collect over decades of life. Grandma Reeder always has fun stories about our ancestors and is a fount of knowledge when it comes to family history.

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