Barn Cleanup and Planning Stage

Today I got out the measuring tape to see just how big my barn really is. It measures 48 feet deep by 98 feet long. I have been working hard the past week cleaning out the barn and getting organized. There are main support posts spaced every 12 feet from front to back leaving 4 equal spaces with 3 posts in between. The spacing is a little wider down the length of the barn at 14 feet apart. There are 18 total support posts inside the barn.

The first order of business was to scrape out all of the old poop and sand from the concrete floor. The previous owners used the barn to raise pheasants, and before that it was a commercial turkey farm. My neighbor was kind enough to let me borrow his farm tractor to scrape out the old sand. I still have to go through and scoop the excess with a shovel and wheel barrow. Then I plan to sweep up the excess and scrub the concrete floors with a bleach rinse. Then I can start planning how to layout my small animal barn.

Already in place are two 12X14 brooder rooms with closed cell foam insulation on the walls. They will probably stay as brooder rooms and I plan to cover the foam with metal to make the walls a little more durable. The baby birds tend to peck at the foam insulation as they grow up. Attached to the two brooder rooms is a 12X28 chicken coop that I plan to use for my laying hens. I need to construct some nesting boxes and perches but other than that it is ready for birds.

On the North facing side of the barn there are 6X6 foot openings along the top edge to allow natural light and fresh air into the barn. This should help to keep the barn cool in the hot Summer months. At the West end of the building there is an opening that I plan to use for my dog kennels. Just inside the opening I will build two insulated dog houses in the barn where my dogs can escape the weather. On the outside I plan to pour a concrete pad for a dog run alongside the West end of the barn.


– Paint or Stain the Barn and Shop to protect the wood.
– Develop a plan for barn layout with stalls and walkways.
– Pour concrete slab for Dog Run and fence it in.
– Construct nesting boxes for my laying hens.
– Construct rabbit hutches and nesting boxes.
– Construct stalls for Sheep, Horses, Cows and Hogs.
– Install a water line to the barn with freeze proof faucets.
– Get electrical lines checked and fix lighting system.
– Install timers for lights in the Chicken Coop.
– This is just the beginning…

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