BYU Football with Alyssa


Alyssa had been bugging me to take her to a BYU football game. When I told her about the deals on BYU apparel at the final home game of the year she decided that was the game she wanted to attend. She bought something for each of her siblings at the game. Cosmo the cougar came within about 20 feet from us and helped to get the crowd revved up. Alyssa was too chicken to get a picture with him so I snapped this shot.


When we got home from the BYU game we were pleased to find Jennie and Jodi at our house. It was a central meeting point for their kids to play on a Saturday and Jolynn was gald for the diversion for the kids. It was fun to visit with them and to play with all the cousins. Here is the girls toting their new babies around the kitchen. We always eat good when the girls come around.


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