Canning Green Beans

The Kids help snapping beans.

Our garden has been performing quite well. We enjoyed sweet peas earlier in the season as well as fresh spinach. We recently harvested all of our green beans from the garden and were able to snap them in preparation for canning. Jolynn borrowed her Mother’s pressure cooker and we were able to get about a dozen cans of green beans. The kids had a fun time helping with the picking and the preparing of the green beans.

Jolynn canning green beans

One of the things the kids have enjoyed the most is the recipe for dilly beans than Jolynn canned. She created dill pickles out of ordinary everyday green beans and the kids love to eat them. A little tweaking of the recipe and I think it will be a great one to use each year. She only did a half dozen bottles of dilly beans but they are going fast. Afterwards we ended up ordering our very own pressure cooker. Jolynn has also been working on homemade apple sauce and we are gearing up for bottling a bunch of garden salsa. We have a good supply of onions, tomatoes, jalapenos and bell peppers from the garden.

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