Christmas at our house

Max and the train table

Max was thrilled with his new Step 2 train and car table. He got a few thomas the tank engine cars and some new hotwheels. The big hit was the black and decker cordless drill for toddlers. He hasn’t stopped fixing things around the house since he got his very own drill like Daddy’s.

Travis Air Hockey and Foosball Table

Travis got a pretty cool game table that included foosball and air hockey. He also got a new watch and a hot wheels 4-lane race track set. He is doing good in his basketball team and learning the rules of the game. Thanks to Cam for helping out with the “some assembly required” part of Christmas.

Alyssa's new watch

Alyssa opened a new watch so she can time her reading (20 minutes a day). Her favorite gift by far was her very own CD player that has been running at full volume ever since. Kids Bop is not a good choice for a first CD. She is doing well in school and loves making new friends. Her farm fresh eggs business is going very well.

Hannah Bunny

Hannah wanted a Cheerleader Bunny from the build-a-bear place. She also got some Dora the Explorer stuff and an arts and crafts kit. She loves to play with her friend Morgan and can’t wait to go to school next year. She is a big help to Mom in playing with Brianna and Max each day. Brianna loves her Hannah.

Brianna Asleep in the High Chair

Brianna fell asleep in the classic high-chair pose. I think this is a post-chocolate cake coma.

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