Cleaning the Chicken Coop

Pine Shavings in the Chicken Coop

I finally got around to scraping out the floors in the chicken coop. The floors were covered in a sandy mix of several years worth of pheasant droppings and waste. In some spots I literally had to pry up hardened chunks of this filthy mixture. It was nice to see the clean cement floor that was hidden beneath. I replaced the sand with 6 bags of pine shavings from the local IFA feed store. The chickens seem to appreciate the new clean floors. We are still getting close to a dozen eggs a day from our small flock of laying hens.

In other news I got the peas soaked last night and got them planted in the garden today. I purchased some Walla Walla Onion starts from the local Ace Hardware store and I will get those planted tomorrow. I wanted to take a moment and actually draw up some plans for our garden layout this year. The rains finally did come this afternoon to wash down the fertilizer that I spread on the lawns on Monday. I am still supplementing by hand watering with the hose sprinkler until our irrigation water comes on in a couple weeks.

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