County Planning Commission Meeting #1

Vicinity Map

Today I presented the plans for our building lot to the Sevier County planning commission. This is the first step in obtaining a building permit in the Sevier County area. The process is much different than if the building lot was located within city limits. To make matters a little more difficult I have to first get the property re-zoned from agricultural to a residential building lot. They call this process a Minor Subdivision Application even though it’s not a subdivision at all.

I am learning a lot about the process as we go. The overall news was not very good. There is much yet to be done before the commission will make a motion to approve my application. First and foremost is the cullinary water situation. They made it abundantly clear to me that the commission will not approve my lot until I have completed the change order process with the Utah State Water Rights office. Some people are telling me this process alone can take up to 3 months to complete. I hope to meet with Brent White, the president of the Brooklyn Water Company in the morniing to further explore my chances of purchasing a water meter on the existing water line that runs past the property. This could speed things up considerably.

 A second concern was raised by the County roads department. Their concern is simply that they don’t want too many driveways springing up along Brooklyn Road as this poses a potential hazard on a somewhat busy road. I have to meet with the County Roads department tomorrow to see what there minimum spacing is between driveways. They may require that we construct one access that will be shared among the adjoining properties. Some type of frontage road is what they have in mind.

The can of worms has officially been opened but we are committed to see this through to the end. Among other things they are requiring a perk test from the health department to address the feasability of a septic system for sewage. There are other things also that are required. The next meeting is the second Wednesday in May so we will try to get our ducks in a row for that one. Best case scenario at this point is around 60 days to begin construction.

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