Cove Mountain – Deep Lake

One of the reasons I wanted to move a little further into rural Utah was for the easy access to the great outdoors. Today we went for an afternoon ATV ride to explore our very own Cove Mountain. It was beautiful to see some new country and see what’s literally in our very own backyard. We saw some mule deer and caught some trout at the lake pictured above. Mostly we just sat quietly and watched an afternoon thunder shower roll on through.

Another reason I wanted to move to the country was to have a small farm. Our first step towards being farmers was to get some baby chicks for our chicken coop. We hope to enjoy some farm fresh eggs in a few months as our 24 baby chicks grow up and get into the groove. I have been spending a great deal of time cleaning out the large barn that used to be home to a turkey farm. As I get the barn organized and sectioned off I hope to get some more small farm animals.

The large garden in our yard has been quite fruitful. We enjoy corn on the cob and potatoes almost every day. For Sunday dinner we had a wonderful peach cobbler made with peaches from our own orchard. Squash and cucumber are also in the garden and I can’t believe how much squash can be harvested from just two plants. The four tomato plants are heavy with fruit although they are slow in ripening. They are most certainly not Early Girl tomotoes. I check each day for any sign of red as homegrown tomatoes are my very favorite.

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