Dog Kennel Construction

Dog Kennel Construction Before

This past week with the help of my father-in-law, we got all the posts set for the new dog kennel. The kennel will measure 8 feet wide by 45 feet long in the shape of an “L” that wraps around the corner of the bird barn. This will provide about 360 square feet of outdoor space for the dogs to live. The small doorway into the barn will open into an indoor kennel space that measures 28 X 12. This will give them a place to get out of the sun in the Summer and a warm place to curl up in the Winter. I hope to construct 3 insulated dog houses inside the indoor kennel after I finish the outdoor kennel. Part of the outdoor kennel will have a sloped cement pad that measures about 8 X 20. For now, a shared indoor/outdoor kennel will have to do for our three german shorthairs. We pour concrete early next week and then I will get the chainlink fence and gates installed.

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