Eagle Scouts in Annabella


This past few weeks we have been working with some of my young men on finishing their eagle projects. They had a super scoutmaster when they were 12-13 in Rex Friant and nearly all of them are only a merit badge or two away from getting their eagle scout award. Trevor Magleby was under the gun with his 18th birthday quickly approaching so we got him going on his eagle project – building wood duck nesting boxes to place in the Sevier Valley. He bought pizza for all the boys in the ward and we had nearly 20 show up to help build the boxes in my woodshop. He was able to paint them and place them all later that week and had his eagle court of review the night before his 18th birthday. Cutting it a little close, but better than not trying at all.

We are looking for two new eagle scout projects for a couple more young men who are very close. Preston Manwill and Taylor Winn are both currently collecting ideas for their eagle projects, hoping to find something in the community. Sean Peterson just completed his eagle project of collecting neck ties to send to LDS church members in Brazil. Justin Carter was able to complete his project this fall as well, he painted the water pump house for the town of Annabella. Hayden Baker measured off and marked the path for a few walking/jogging routes in Annabella town. Luke Dalton finished his project and so did JJ Brewer. Should have a few Eagle Courts coming up in the Spring when the paperwork is all finalized. Many thanks to the scout leaders that gave all these boys such a great start.

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