Easter Egg Hunt


We had a lot of cousins over for our annual easter egg hunt. We hid eggs in our yard in three different sections for three different age groups. The front yard was set-up easy for the toddlers and less aggressive hunters. The side yard was used for the 3-7 year olds and we tucked a few one dollar bills in a few eggs. The older kids had to really hunt for their eggs in the backyard. Jolynn was in charge of the egg-hiding crew.


Brianna was happy to stay indoors and enjoy a quiet nap while the excitement was going on in the yard outside.


Max lost interest with the silly easter egg hunt and took advantage of the empty swings after sampling some chocolate candies.


Hannah filled her basket in a hurry and went right inside to begin sorting and emptying the plastic eggs filled with candy.


Alyssa was our most excited egg hunter and also the most festive with her bunny ears. She was lucky enough to find two eggs with dollars inside. She was kind enough to share one of the dollars with her friend Madison who wasn’t so lucky.


Travis keyed in on the football shaped easter eggs and was excited to find more football eggs than anybody else. He went for quality instead of quantity this year and was a more thorough searcher. Everyone had fun and the weather was absolutely beautiful.

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