Fathers and Sons Campout


We had our annual fathers and sons campout on the Boulders this year at Lower Bowns Reservoir. It was our first time and it was a very cool place to camp and play. There is an interesting mix of red rocks, sand, ponderosa pines and water. We camped right by the creek and Travis set up and slept in his very own tent. Max kept me company in the big tent.


A member of our ward has access to the 4-H trailer full of canoes. Everyone had a blast cruising out on the lake in canoes and fishing. Travis was very good at helping me row the canoe, but Max kept trying to look over the edge and tip us over. We just took a short little row in the canoes because I didn’t want to get wet.


The dutch oven dinner was amazing and Max got his first taste of dutch oven cobbler. Too bad he was only interested in the cool whip on top. Max also got to roast marshmallows over the campfire which he got bored with and just started eating all the marshmallows. Who needs to warm them up anyway?


Because I was chasing Max we didn’t get to fish as much as we had hoped. Thankfully, our neighbor Matt took Travis and helped him to catch a very nice trout. Travis insisted that we take it home to Mom because she loves to eat trout. We had a great time and the weather was absolutely perfect.

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