Fine Feathered Friends

Living on the ranch the kids have had a great time watching and learning about birds. We have some amazing birds around the ranch and many times we get to see them up close. These are a few of the birds we have seen. Bald Eagle, Golden Eagle, California Condor, Turkey Vulture, Red Tailed Hawk, Northern Goshawk, Coopers Hawk, Mallard, Ring Necked Duck, Coot, Red Head, Wild Turkey, and more. Some pics below.









Finally, we would be lost without a few good books to help us with the identification of birds. Some are easy while others are a trick if you are not familiar with them. Thanks to Grandpa Lee for some of these books. The Crossley guide is one of the best ever. Shows the birds in different modes of flight, ages, sexes, angles, varieties, etc.

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