Fishing and Relaxing


Our last full day in San Diego started with me slipping away at 5:00 AM for an el-cheapo half-day fishing charter. I really enjoyed being on the ocean and the fishing was a bit challenging with rented gear. The cost was like $40, but that’s because there was 71 people on an 80 foot fishing boat with only 2 deck-hands to help us all. The guys that caught a lot of fish and the biggest fish had their own gear and fishing lures while the rest of us were stuck dangling live bait over the side. I saw some huge baracuda caught as well as 3-4 bonito. I was standing next to one pro when he got “spooled” by something huge. I just caught this baby baracuda. Was a slow day fishing. Next time I’ll spring for a smaller boat with more one-on-one instruction.


Jolynn enjoyed sleeping in and a quiet breakfast at the hotel. This is the view from where we caught the water taxi near our hotel. She was kind enough to meet me for lunch at Joe’s Crab Shack where I ate a huge bucket of crab legs. We were pretty lazy the rest of the day and walked through the Hotel Del Coronado. We enjoyed a quiet movie at the hotel “27 Dresses” and then a fantastic dinner at the historic boat house restaraunt. We took a cab to the beach and got to see our last ocean sunset. Back to the grind.

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