Flyfishing Strawberry Reservoir


I went flyfishing on Wednesday with my friend Sam. He said the ice was off at Strawberry so I got up and on the road at 3 am. We drove up the canyon and were fishing around first light. The fishing was a little slow since we were a couple days late, Sam did better a few days earlier. I struddled since I forgot my reel with sinking line. I was still able to catch this one by adding some splishot to my brass head wooly bugger. Sam caught a few very nice fish and I was impressed by the size and quality of the cutthroats. I will definitely try to get up there next year for the ice-off.


Since it was my Brother Jim’s birthday, I stopped by his office in Orem and took him to lunch on my way home. He insisted on dining on Sushi and I tried to be a good sport. It was okay, but I was wishing we were eating a big juicy burger the whole time. Despite the Sushi it was fun to visit with Jim and see what he is up to. Him and Barb are gearing up for a big trip to Europe without the kids this Summer.

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