Flying Back Home to Utah – Day 6

Wailea Renaissance Foyer

Our final day was super lazy and relaxed. We slept in and then ordered room service for breakfast. I decided to take one last chance to go snorkeling and swim in the blue ocean while Jolynn read a book on the balcony. After I got the whole ocean thing out of my system we showered and got our bags packed up. We had purchased so many gifts and additional items that we had to buy a new suitcase just to get it all home. We checked out of the hotel at 12:00 pm and then hung around the hotel lobby and the downstairs foyer. Jolynn continued reading her book while I snuck in some time on my laptop. We had to kill 6 hours before our limo came back to pick us up.

Wailea Renaissance Palms Buffet

For our last supper we decided to hit the seafood buffet at the Palms downstairs. The dining area overlooks spectacular gardens and waterfalls near the pool area. We took our time and enjoyed some more good food. I was pigging out on the giant peel-n-eat shrimp and prime rib while Jolynn was sampling all of the desserts. We caught our limo right at 6:30 and headed for the airport. The plane was so packed that Jolynn and I couldn’t get a seat next to each other. Luckily though we were able to score exit row seats with plenty of leg room. I had a tough time on the flight home and couldn’t seem to fall asleep. When we arrived in SLC we were both exhausted and kept having to pull over and switch places on the 2 hour drive home to Richfield. After church we slept all afternoon and felt a little bit refreshed. It was fun to see our cute kids and to give them squeezes. 5 days turned out to be just the right amount of time for us, not too long and not so short that we felt jilted. We hope to get back to Hawaii again someday, perhaps when the kids are older so they can come along.

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