Friends and Bunnies


This week Hannah’s been playing with her friends a lot. She is trying to get warmed up for a Summer of fun. Hannah has more freinds her age in our neighborhood than Travis, Alyssa and Max. She always has someone to play with no matter the time of day. I’ll see if I can list them all. Morgan, Breelyn, Brooklyn, Brekin, Paige, Kevianne, Crystal, Kasidy, Sam, Mitchell, Cortney, Gage and a few more we can’t remember right now. She gets phone calls everyday from little friends that want to play with her. She has quite the full social calendar.


Last Sunday Hannah’s pet rabbit “Whitey” had a batch of cute little baby bunnies. Okay, their not really cute just yet but they will be when they grow some fur and open their eyes in a few weeks. The dad is our other pet rabbit “Browney”, he is a tan color. We had to move the nesting box and Whitey in with the pigeons because the chickens kept trying to lay eggs in the nesting box and set on the baby bunnies. The bunnies didn’t seem to mind the added warmth but I was nervous about the arrangement.

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