Happy Birthday Hannah


Hannah had a fun sixth birthday on Friday. We had a small family party with her cousins and grandparents. She chose to have a barbecue for her party so I grilled hebrew nationals and hamburgers. Aunt Crystal made a yummy cobb salad, and Jolynn made a fun candyland cake. She got lot’s of great gifts and had a fun time playing in the bouncy house.


Her main present was a new bicycle, which already looks too small for her long legs. I spent the extra money and got the solid foam tubes so I never have to fix a flat. I visited her class at school and took her to lunch in the cafeteria with Alyssa and Travis. She had fun handing out treats to everyone in her class. They each colored her a cute card for her Birthday. Here is a close-up of the candyland lake. It was quite a sight to behold, measured about 26″ x 18″.


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