How Does Your Garden Grow?

Our vegetable garden is coming along nicely. From left to right we have two types of sweet corn on rows 1 and 2. Row 3 has six cucumbers, two pumpkins and two watermelons. Row 4 is Bell Peppers, Jalepenos and bush beans. Rows 5 & 6 are home to 28 tomato plants (Beefsteak, Brandywine, Better Boy, Big Boys, Grapes and Sweet 100). Row 7 is all red la soda potatoes. Row 8 is spinach and more potatoes. The final row on the far right is two types of sweet peas, and walla walla onions. Today I finished installing the tomato cages and noticed blossoms on about half of the plants. Still no fruit setting just yet. We were sad that our peach tree froze and will have no fruit this year.

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