It’s a Girl! Due January 26th

Jolynn and Baby Update
This past week we made the trek down to the big city of Saint George for a doctor visit. We had a very good ultrasound from our doctor and discovered that we are gonna have a girl. Everything looked normal and healthy in the ultrasound and all the measurements are on track for a late January delivery. We really love our doctor and Jolynn thinks he is worth the two hour drive. We are hoping the baby will give us enough warning so that we can deliver in St. George at Dixie Regional Medical Center. Jolynn is about 21 weeks along and is feeling pretty good. Yesterday she stayed up late canning homemade salsa with tomatoes from our very own garden, yum. She has also been canning homemade dill pickles with cucumbers from our garden. Oh yeah, and peach freezer jam and canned peaches from our little orchard. Jolynn also found the time to strip wallpaper off the walls of all the bathrooms, the laundry room, and Travis’ bedroom. I smell a painting project coming down the pike. Can you say Nesting?

Update on the Kids
Travis and Alyssa are enjoying school and are making new friends there. Also this week Travis and Alyssa began taking piano lessons from Jolynns sister Heidi Teeples which they are very excited about. Hannah and Max are doing their best to keep Jolynn from getting anything done around the house. Max loves to go outside and begs visitors to take him out to see the puppies. He will grab your finger and pull you to the door chanting “Puppies? Puppies?”. Hannah is anxious for her new friend Morgan to move in next door where her family is building a new home.

Update on Jon
I am keeping busy with chores around the house. This week we poured the concrete pad for our new dog kennel. I am having a blast trying to keep up with the huge yard. It takes me about two hours to mow our acre of lawn using a riding mower. This past weekend Travis and I attended the first BYU football game of the season. Our seats are even better this year where we are on the front row of section 103 on about the 25 yard line. I also take time to ride my ATVs and go trout fishing and pheasant hunting on our nearby mountains. Oh yeah, and this Sunday I got set apart to be the Young Men’s President in our Annabella 2nd Ward. That should keep me out of trouble for a few years.

100 Best, Inc. Update
Work is going well with several new web development projects in the pipeline like a FREE Content Management System for the web, an Apple Gadget Blog, another new web hosting directory, and a few website aquisitions and partnerships.,,,, and Of course nothing at work gets done without the considerable efforts of one of the top web developers on the planet, John Jacks. Who also doubles as my hunting/fishing buddy as well as my ATV trail guide.

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