It’s Official – Winter is Here!

12 inches of Snow in Annabella Utah

This morning we awoke to 10-12 inches of snow on the ground with it still coming down. When we went to bed last night the skies were clear and no sign of snow. I heard the wind start howling around 11:00 pm when I got up to use the bathroom and it had started to snow. It was quite a site for the kids to wake up to so much snow on the ground. We are still new enough to the rural life that a snowfall is an exciting event at our house. Most people are complaining about it but our family was thrilled to have our first big snow storm of the year. It makes the holiday season seem more real. I was grateful for my big GMC 4×4 truck which does very well on the slippery roads. I was also grateful for my big heated workshop where I park my truck at night. It’s nice to get in a warm truck on these cold winter mornings and not have to worry about scraping my windows of ice.

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