Jim and Barb ATV Ride


In what has become an early spring tradition. Jim and Barb came up with a trailer full of Honda ATV’s thanks to their Toy Share membership. We spent the afternoon cruising around the foothills of Cove Mountain near our home in Annabella.


I had to borrow another Polaris Ranger from my friend so we could fit our entire family. It worked out great and we had a fun time kickin up dust in the mountains. We had plenty of helmets and packed some treats for the ride.


We went up a canyon and parked the ATV’s so the kids could hike around and burn off some energy before dinner time. Jolynn and Barb were content to stay and chat while the kids scoured the hillside for adventures.


This old cave was irresistable and the kids literally ran up the hillside to see how far it went into the mountain. I had a flashlight in the ranger so we could see inside the dark cave.


I told the girls to wave goodbye because nobody ever comes back alive from the cave of wonders. Alyssa just laughed and waved happily. I think she was the first one to reach the end of the tunnel. You had to crawl at the end so I didn’t go all the way in.


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