Lake Powell Houseboat Vacation


Some of my fondest memories of my childhood are the family vacations we took on Lake Powell. My Uncle David had a time share on a 65 foot pontoon boat called the Interlude. He was kind enough to invite my family every Summer to spend a few days and sometimes a week on this boat. There were no phones, no televisions, no radios, and no distractions. We spent most of our time relaxing on the beatiful waterways and enjoying the secluded coves and quiet solitude of nature.


We returned this past week to Lake Powell after an 8 year break. It was fun to take my children to one of the places that I loved so much as a child. We enjoyed many of the same activities like fishing for a variety of fish, swimming, hiking, relaxing and eating good food. This past year we were able to purchase my Uncles share in the houseboat and we look forward to sharing many wonderful memories with our friends and families.

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