Light Em Up


Day 4 of Dallin’s life was a bit too exciting for us. Upon getting his Bilirubin checked we found his levels were quite high (21.5). We learned that the hospital in Richfield will not play well with out of town doctors as they gave Scott Barton the runaround. We called our neighbor who is a Nurse Practitioner and friend and she had the Bili lights delivered to the house within 20 minutes. She made a house call an hour later to make sure the baby and Jolynn were hanging in there. We had a long night of crying and are hoping to hear his numbers have gone down a bit after getting re-checked this morning. The kids were a little worried and hovered by him after he finally cried himself to sleep.

Update: 2:00pm (Count was down to 18.3 after 14 hours under the lights). One more day in the lights and he should be okay to get back to normal life. The doc wants him to be in the 10-14 range. He still has to get his little foot poked each day for tests. Poor little guy.

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