Manele Bay on Lanai Island – Day 3

Jolynn on the Catamaran

Turns out that morning sickness and sailboats are not a good mix. Jolynn’s smile as we left the Lahaina Harbor was the last one for her that day. She was a good sport though because she knew how much it meant to me. I felt terrible each time she headed for the head to dry heave some more. The catamaran was a very nice vessel and our party of 24 was a nice intimate group. The captain and crew were very accomodating and kind to Jolynn.

Spinnner Dolphins

After a lengthy trip across the bay we were rewarded with a close-up and personal show by the spinner dolphins. The pod hangs out in the area and they seemed to like showing off for the boats. There must have been nearly a hundred and it was a real treat to watch them jump and swim. It was a good test for my new camera to capture the fast paced action.

Coral Reef on Manele Bay

Once we finally got around to Manele Bay the snorkeling was amazing. While a little crowded with other snorkeling tours pouring in it was still a treat. The corals and marine life were beautiful and I couldn’t seem to absorb it all fast enough. The colors seemed to be right out of a coffee table book about Maui. I tried to capture a few great shots and I ended up getting lucky with a few. I found it hard to see the LCD screen on my camera between the glare from the sun and the water spots on my snorkel mask.

Blue Trigger Fish

I was pleased to find there were quite a few more species of fish in the Manele Bay. This blue trigger fish was one of the fish that I chased around for quite a while. I finally got a decent shot when it was taking a bite out of some coral.

Blue Fish?

Most of the fish I could not identify but I hope to learn their names.

Jolynn and her Coors Light

I managed to get a smile out of Jolynn on the way back to Maui when I caught her with a Coors Light. Relax, it was unopened. The captain of our boat said that if she held a cold drink behind her ear it would help with the seasickness. Oddly enough the beer on the boat was kept much colder than the soda. The deck hands were kind enough to keep Jolynn stocked up with cold beers all the way home.

It was a long day and probably a little much to bite off in one day. We went back to the hotel, ordered room service and crashed. Tomorrow we are looking forward to another lazy day with lounging at the beach and sipping non-alcoholic beverages. The virgin lava flow has become my favorite drink. It’s basically a Pina Colada with strawberries and bananas mixed in. Hopefully we can do a little more snorkeling tomorrow minus the boats and the puking.

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