March Madness is Coming

After the NFL season comes to a close and the ice fishing slows because of melting ice, I get interested in NCAA basketball for a few weeks. I usually setup a Yahoo! group and invite all my friends to join my Tournament Pick’em group and create a bracket. There are no prizes or money to win, just a good time guessing who will be the cinderella team this year. I try to support the BYU basketball team, but they usually don’t go very far. I usually support a better team from my mission area in Tennessee or Kentucky. This year some Tennessee teams are looking pretty good so I will probably stick with them. I also like the Tarheels and have since I was younger, mostly cause I liked their colors on my NC ball cap. This year I hope to even watch a few games at the office with the use of my new Slingbox AV that my brother got me for christmas. I would share the password, but it only allows one connection at a time – so get your own.

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