Max’s Birthday Party

This was the funnest part of the party. When we started singing he got this huge grin on his face and started giggling. Then, after he blew out the candles he said again, again! So we lit the candles a secong time and sang the song while he grinned and laughed at this new experience.

His favorite birthday present was his new farmer hat. He looks great in his new overalls and hat going out with Dad to do the chores.

He had been trying to ride any bike he could climb onto, so we decided to get him a little bicycle with training wheels. He is almost strong enough to pedal by himself. A few more weeks and he will be cruising.

After his birthday party we decided it was time for his Summer haircut. He absolutely hates getting his hair cut. I think he gets it from his older brother Travis. I missed a few strays but for the most part we got him his first buzz.

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