Max’s Third Birthday


Jolynn outdid herself this year on Max’s birthday cake. She found the idea somewhere on the internet for the Tonka Truck Load of Cake. It seemed to be just the perfect thing for Max. He was thrilled with the idea but he kept wanting to dump the load of cake before the party. We had a few family and friends over for a BBQ and he got some great gifts. His favorite was a noise-making Caterpillar Front-end loader from the John Jacks family. When you push the button a manly voice exclaims “CATERPILLAR POWER!” and the truck begins to vibrate.

He also liked the John Deere dump truck from Gramma Lee. He is shown below with his John Deere hat and tool belt from Mom and Dad. He also got a new bike since his old one got ran over by Dad. Hannah has taken over the Schwinn Gremlin that was going to be handed down to Max. He got several other trucks and tractors from family and it was a perfect MAX kind of birthday. He is quite famous in our neighborhood as he likes to wander. Hopefully he won’t go too far with his new bike. If you see him headed down the street, please send him back home.


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