Met the Contractor Today

Lee Subdivision Week 1

We took a load of odds and ends to the storage unit this weekend in preparation for moving next month. We are hoping to get all the small stuff out of the way so the professional moving crew can move more efficiently. While we were up there we just had to go and look at our property and walk on it and touch it. The surveyor finally came during the week and marked off the boundaries of our lot. In the picture above my lovely wife is standing at the Northwestern corner of our property that borders on Brooklyn Road. I notice our closest neighbor to the souths address is 620 North, so I imagine ours will be around 740 North.

While we were walking around on our lot checking the boundaries our neighbors came over and introduced themselves. They seemed very friendly and down to earth, the kind of neighbors that you expect to find in rural Utah. We asked them a lot of questions about the neighborhood in general and the ward where we will be meeting. We are getting excited already and are probably weeks away from breaking ground in any fashion. I hope we can get tapped into the irrigation water soon so we can’t get out garden in and maybe even plant some trees.

We also were able to deliver the blueprints to our builder and meet with him for the first time. He seemed to be very genuine and knowledgeable and even had some helpful suggestions on some questions we had. He is going to get us a bid in the next week or so. We are thinking about adding a full basement onto the plans even though we are not huge fans of basements. It would solve a few problems for us like providing a great food storage room, and a centrally located furnace room/mechanical room where we can hide the water heater, RO filter, water softenener, etc. We are hoping to have 9 foot ceilings in the basement. I will meet with the engineer tomorrow to go over the basement plans.

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