New Home Construction Update

At the last County planning commission meeting they gave us 7 items that needed to be addressed before we could come back and present our lot for approval. Many thanks to my father-in-law who has been handling the follow-up for us as we got our things packed and ready to move to Richfield. Here is where we are at today. Water is still the big question mark.

1.  County Road Dept.  Mark Rickenbach – Met with Mark.  Distance from property line to center of Brooklyn Road is in excess of 33 ft as is required.  He said it would be okay to use Okerlund’s right of way on the North edge of our property to access the lot or we could create a shared access with our neighbors to the South. After meeting with our neighbors I think we will choose the latter a 40 foot driveway with our property line splitting right down the middle.

2.  State Water Rights Office – Letter of Conveyance sent to State Engineer.  Water right is now in our name.  Met with Dion Gardiner today (5/9/06).  He completed and printed the Application for Permanent Change of water.  I will bring it to St. George tomorrow for your signature and return it to them with the $75.00 fee.  Dion said it will take approx. three months for the permanent change to be approved. We are still hoping for the opportunity to buy Brooklyn water shares to speed things up.

3.  Monroe City – I have obtained a letter from Monroe City stating that they will not annex your property because it is outside the ½ mile annexation area.

4.  Public Health Department – Percolation Test – Got information on tests and those who do them.  Contacted Blaine Brienholt and showed him the lot.  He has completed the percolation test and I will pick up the test results and pay him today.  The test cost $200.00. Results showed that percolation is quite good, a gravel layer in the soil about 3-4 feet down and 10-20 feet thick.

5.  Utilities – Letters – Have contacted all of the utilities and have letters from Utah Power, and I am waiting for Qwest and Questar to return my calls so I can get letters from them.  The representative for Qwest is Karen Prutzman.  435-628-6013.  Questar representative- forgot to write her name down.  435-896-4111.  Left messages with both and asked them to return my call.

6.  USDA – Letter – Soil Suitability- I contacted Vic Parslow and obtained a letter and soil tables from Vic regarding the soil suitibility for building on your property. Results were good.

7.  I contacted Russell and Ralph Okerlund regarding the pressurized irrigation system and the location of the lines on their property.  It runs east and west through the property owned by Allreds.  Subsequently you found that the main line runs north and south just inside the west property line. Should not be a problem to connect and install a shut-off valve for the property.

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