Oil Exploration in Utah

In the foothills just East of our home their is a strange looking contraption. At night it looks like a giant christmas tree because of all the lights. Wolverine oil company is drilling for oil in our little valley in Central Utah. Our neighbors tell us that Wolverine has been quietly buying up all of the mineral rights that they can get their hands on. With crude oil prices at an all time high I have to wonder if it just a coincidence that oil wells are popping up in small towns across the west. Over the weekend I drove through the town of Rifle, Colorado which now sports a Wal-mart and other modern amenities. Oil wells are slowly dotting the landscape. I am told that if this most recent well near my home is a success there will be dozens more to follow. I can’t say I am pleased to have drilling rigs clutter up my scenery, but I am pleased to see more oil exploration on US soil. In my opinion we are far too dependant on others for our massive need for oil. I would love to see our great Country become more self-sufficient in the oil and fuel department. Yes, even if it means drilling new oil wells in my own backyard.

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