Pimped My Ride

Polaris Ranger Lock-N-Ride Roof

Spent the afternoon with Hannah and Max in my shop installing the Polaris lock-n-ride windshield, rear window and molded plastic roof. They were especially excited about the roof since it was a blustery day with rain and snow blowing in on a cold wind. I am glad that the kids can feel at home in my shop. I try not to freak out when I can’t find my sockets and wrenches. Max and Hannah love to use my tools and pretend like they are working like Dad.

Polaris Ranger Lock-N-Ride Tool Racks

I was really pleased with the tool rack accessories that I purchased for around three hundred bucks. Now I can load up all my yardwork tools and head up to the house to do my chores. It’s nice to not have to parade all the way back to the shop or barn because I forgot a rake or a shovel. Everything is right there in the back of the ranger. My next project is getting the chukar flight pen sectioned off and closed in out in the bird barn.

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