Plat Map of Annabella Property

Annabella Plat Map

We got the plat map back from the surveyor this week. The property turns out to be almost exactly 2 acres between the two parcels. I scanned the plat map into adobe photoshop so that I could edit and play around with the layout. I am trying to figure out how to section off the rear of the property for the dogs and farm animals we plan to have. I would like to fence it off with either a solid block wall, white vinyl privacy fence or chainlink if that’s all I can afford. I think it might look nice to go with vinyl since the house already has a 3-rail vinyl fence around the front acre.

The other thing I want to be careful with is the rear access to the county road. Right now there is a dirt road access for the shop but everyone in town uses it as a shortcut to the neighborhood. We want to fence it off and put up a gate to keep people from driving across our property. Our main concern is for the safety of our kids playing in the backyard.

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