Relaxing on Wailea Beach – Day 4

Jolynn's Day Off

After a wild sailboat ride and a very long day yesterday we decided to take it easy today and just relax. We woke up late and enjoyed another splendid breakfast buffet at the Palms downstairs. Each day they have new foods to try for breakfast including different kinds of potato dishes, fishes and eggs. Jolynn had belgian waffles with fresh fruit while I tried the fried potatos, spanish-style scrambled eggs, portuguese sausage, mahi-mahi and a bagel with cream cheese.


We lounged on our balcony for a few hours and read our books. Then I talked Jolynn into taking me down to the beach so I could do some more underwater exploring with my newly purchased snorkel gear. I was happy to discover that the same reef was very much different than the last time I was there. While I did see some of the same fish and marine life I was pleased to see some new species. My biggest surprise was the Bluefin Tuna that buzzed by me on the edge of the reef. They were quite large and quite fast. Later I caught a smaller one on camera while it was schooling with some other fish.

Spotted Puffer

My shot of the day was of this small black puffer fish. I waited patiently as he kept peeking out of the cave until he was comfortable enough with my presence to come out and play. I am sure his dark coloration helped me with getting the camera to focus right. I stayed out snorkeling for nearly an hour and even found a cool sea shell.

Moray Eel

On my way back to the beach I surprised a moray eel. It was a little creepy to see him slithering around on the ocean bottom. The hair on the back of my neck stood up like when you hear the buzzing of a rattlesnake. After I realized he was running away from me I tried to snap a couple pictures but all I got was his tail-end. This moray eel was pretty good sized around 24 inches.

Wailea Beach Sunset

Our favorite part of each day is when we watch the sunset from our private balcony. Each day it is completely different but always beautiful. After our sunset we usually pick a pay-per-view movie to watch as we fall asleep. Tomorrow we are gonna get up early and go snorkeling together.

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