School’s Out Party


We had a crazy turnout to our first annual School’s Out Party. We invited quite a few of our friends and neighbors and were pleased with the response. The weather was perfect and the kids all had a wonderful time. We setup the bouncy slide and bouncy house as well as a slip-n-slide and kiddy pool.


We ended up running out of food around 6:30 and I shut down the BBQ grill after grilling 50 hamburgers and 60 hot dogs. We will be better prepared next year and will invite more people to bring a potluck salad or dessert. We think we had more than 100 people in attendance.


The kids enjoyed all of the water toys and the big yard to run and play in. Travis was leading the water baloon wars on the west side of the house for most of the evening. Most of the adults stayed on the shady side and chatted. Thanks to all who came and especially those who stayed to help clean up. Wasn’t too bad really.


One of the big hits were Hannah’s baby bunnies. Some of them were tortured by very possessive toddlers. I think it was good socialization for the bunnies, they got held and loved all night long. We also brought out a few of our week old pheasant chicks for the kids to pet and see. After the dust settles, we hope to get the rest of our garden planted.

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