Snorkeling on Wailea Beach – Day 2

Snorkel, Mask and Fins.

We woke up to a beautiful clear day with calm seas and nice weather. After a delicious breakfast buffet with made to order omelettes we headed for the beach. It turned out to be great timing because we were up a little bit early due to our internal clocks being stuck on Mountain Time. The beach was all but empty and we just kicked our feet up and read our books. I decided to rent some snorkeling gear and go explore our little reef environment here on Wailea Beach. I took along my new waterproof camera – a Pentax Optio WPi 6 megapixel compact digital camera.

Striped Tangs

Being a fish-guy this was one of the most beautiful experiences I have ever had. I have long admired the ocean and everything that lives within it, but this was my first time to go snorkeling. It is an awesome feeling to swim with the marine life in the ocean and to observe them in their natural environment. I found myself exclaiming out loud several times “Wow, look at that one!” or “Holy Cow, a trigger fish!”. I was in heaven and I couldn’t take pictures fast enough.


Trigger fish are one of the species I was familiar with because of their prominence in the marine aquarium hobby. They seemed to be very prevalant on this particular reef and I saw them in several sizes. This was one of the bigger Trigger fish that I observed and it was around twelve inches long. The camera performed admirably for the sub $300 price tag. Out of about 200 pictures taken there were about 20 keepers.

Big Puffer Fish

This big Puffer fish was pretty camera shy, I had to chase him around for about 5 minutes to get a decent shot. He was a good-sized fish as well and would have measured over fourteen inches long. I was amazed at how many different species of fish I observed on this small reef. The water was clear and calm due to the pacific ocean currents and trade winds.

Small Schooling Fish

The hardest thing to shoot was the smaller schooling fishes. They moved about quickly and focusing on them proved to be nearly impossible. It’s a shame too because these were some of the most colorful and amazing fish that I saw. Tomorrow we are going on a snorkeling trip to the island of Lanai. They say that the Manele Bay has been rated one of the top 10 snorkeling destinations in the world. I can’t wait to get in the water again and snap some more pictures. Jolynn has agreed to try snorkeling tomorrow so that should make it even more fun.

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