Starting Tomato Plants Inside


We usually don’t plant our tomatos until around memorial day, and even then we have to use the water walls for a few weeks just in case. I let the kids transplant the tomato starts into their big red cups this year. I told them to label each cup so we would know which type of tomato plant each was holding. I guess they misunderstood me when I told them some were Roma tomatoes because I came back to check on the kids and all the Romas were labeled Ramen. The plants are thriving in the sunny kitchen window and we can’t wait to get them planted. Mille planted hers yesterday, but I think we will wait another week or so. Our potatoes and onions are just sprouting up out of the ground. I can’t wait to enjoy fresh garden vegetables again this Summer and Fall. We are hoping to buy a half beef and half pork to fill our freezer full of country goodness in a few weeks.

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