Summer Fun and Planting


We have been trying to get the garden planted. Yesterday, with the help of Brianna who kept climbing into the freshly dug holes – I finally got all the tomatos planted. I also planted 12 jalapeno plants and 12 bell peppers. Next up I need to get our green beans planted as well as some cucumbers for pickling and some lettuce for the rabbits. We borrowed John’s goat “Nanny” this week and she is doing a great job of helping me get caught up on weeding.


Hannah has been trying to sell her four little brown bunnies. She loves to play with them every day and they are getting very well socialized and accustomed to being held. The kittens “Witchy” and her little brother “Hissy” are getting used to life in the barn and come out to greet us whenever we go out to check on the pheasant chicks.


We also attended a joint birthday party for Taylor “Boo Boo” and Adrian and enjoyed pizza, cake and ice cream. I got to try pizza with anchovies for my first time – a very strange combination. The kids had fun and Boo Boo was just tickled to have so many friends to play with. He could hardly stand sitting still to blow out the candles and open his presents. Adrian turned 16 and was a good sport about all the goofy gifts. I think the itunes gift card was the only one she really liked.

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