Sunrise in Annabella

This morning I finally found my digital camera that I had misplaced in the chaos of moving. When I went out to feed the animals I couldn’t help but notice the stunning sunrise. There are still a few boxes to unpack and several items are still not in their places, but it already feels like home. Our neighbors have welcomed us with open arms and we are excited to learn that three new home will be built on our street. All three homes will be occupied by young families with small children.

We have been enjoying the fruits of the previous owners labors already. The garden they planted has been wonderful. We have enjoyed corn on the cob, red potatoes, tomatoes, squash and zuchini. Not to mention the amazing peaches from the orchard. I spent a couple of days this week cleaning out the barn. We filled a 35 foot roll-away dumpster to the brim with junk. We did find a few treasures in the pile like an antique singer sewing machine.

With a half acre of lawn to mow it is essential to own a riding lawn mower. Intead of buying the John Deere X300 that I wanted I settled for an adequate mower at half the price. The kids think that the mower is the coolest thing ever. We got 25 baby chicks in the mail this week that mark the beginning of our small farm. All in all we are loving our new home and the intoxicating sunsets and mountain views.

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