Thanksgiving Point Vacation


The week before Thanksgiving we surprised the kids by having the car loaded for a surprise vacation. We let them get ready for school (it was a Wednesday) then we asked them if they would rather go to Thanksgiving Point and stay in a hotel. They were very excited and we had treat bags and activity packs in their seats in the car. It was a quiet drive as they watched the new pixar movie Wall-E.


The kids had a great time checking out the dinosaur museum at Thanksgiving Point. We got our money’s worth at the stations where the kids could touch and feel. This sandbox on steroids was a lesson in erosion and the kids nearly played for two hours. They kept building dams and then watching them break and wash away the dinosaurs.


The next surprise was a stop at the University Mall where we took the kids to the build-a-bear workshop. They each got to pick a stuffed animal and then one outfit for their new friend to wear.


Alyssa went with the traditional teddy bear and was more excited about getting online to play in the virtual build-a-bear town.


Hannah fell in love with a snow leopard and had a fun time helping to pump the stuffing in.


Max picked out a very sharp looking Cheetah whom he aptly named “Cheetah”.


Brianna was the cutest and didn’t care much for her cuddly penguin. She just wanted to wear the glasses and carry the purse. We met Jim and Barb and their family at the Wingers in Lehi for dinner and then went back to the hotel and swam in the pool. Afterwards I took the big kids to the movies to see Madagascar 2.


Our trip wasn’t complete until we got to go visit Granma and Grandpa Reeder at their new digs in Pleasant Grove. Grandpa Reeder enjoyed his first visit with baby Dallin. Grandma was quite chipper and was making the kids giggle by telling embarassing stories about their Dad (Jon). We spent the rest of the Day in Riverton playing with Jennie and her kids. Jennie was kind enough to watch our wild ones while we snuck off for Jolynn’s birthday lunch at Olive Garden.

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