The First Obstacles

Well, I knew it wouldn’t be long into the home building process before we ran into a few obstacles. I just didn’t realize it would be so soon. It turns out that farmer Bob that sold us our land was a little too casual with things. He put the cart before the horse and we got stuck holding the bag. Since the property is located in the County, meaning not incorporated into any city there are still a few rules. Rule #1 is that no building lot shall be smaller than 5 acres. We did okay on that one, our lot measures 5.25 acres (233 feet wide by 977 feet deep). Rule #2 before you can get a building permit the land must be sub-divided into building lots. Since farmer Bob only sold 3 lots he should have filed an application with the County Planning commission to create a minor subdivision (less than 5 lots). Needless to say, the application process is now in our hands and we have to submit our lot to the Planning Commission as a minor subdivision which takes about 6 weeks. If all goes well we can get a building permit by the time we move.

Rule #3 is that you must have a source of cullinary water before you can obtain a building permit. Our lot comes with 4 acre shares of irrigation and was supposed to come with 1 acre share of cullinary. Well, it turns out that when farmer Bob bought his water shares 20 years ago from Darryl they failed to file the paper work with the State Water Rights office. So rather than wait 6 weeks for farmer Bob to get his water rights squared away we opted to find our own water rights on the open market. It cost us $6100 for 1 acre share of cullinary water that can be converted to a well permit. The cost of digging a well will be around $12,000 to get all set up with pumps and the whole nine yards.

It gets even better. Now that I have the deed to the water rights I have to fill out a change application with the water rights office. This can take up to 6 weeks and must be completed before you can apply for a well permit. So if all goes well I think we can have a well dug and our house built by sometime in 2008. It’s a good thing we already own a home in Richfield where we can hunker down and hurry up and wait.

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