Travis Gets Baptized

This weekend our family gathered to celebrate and support Travis as he chose to be baptized a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. He was a bit nervous but the baptism went very smoothly and everyone involved had a wonderful experience. We had 12 of Jolynn’s 15 siblings in attendance with their spouses and children, and 4 of my siblings were there also. My baby sister Jana was the only one missing from my family as she is living in Houston, Texas with her husband who is a chemical engineer for Exxon. We look forward to a long visit with Jana when they come home for the holidays in December. I got a lot of comments from my family who have rarely seen me dressed up in a suit and tie. The last time I was dressed this nice was my wedding day nearly nine years ago. It has been wonderful to watch our own little family grow and develop over the past nine years. We are very much looking forward to the birth of our fifth child in January – a girl we plan to name Brianna. Even though my children make me feel old, they are the source of my greatest joy.

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