Travis Hunting With Dad


This weekend I took Travis and Hannah with me to a Youth Fun Hunt near Enterprise, Utah. We dropped Hannah in Cedar City where she spent the day playing with her cousins Zach and Kado. She had a ball and got spoiled to death by Jodi. We also delivered some fish to Kyle who finished buidling a 125 gallon fish tank into his basement wall – very cool. We donated 4 adult Kigoma frontosa to his cause. When we left the gold fish were still alive.

Travis and I spend Saturday at the Southern Utah Youth Fun Hunt with our two dogs Annie and Abby. I was volunteering as a dog handler at this very cool event designed to get youth excited about hunting upland game. The organizers and sponsors did a wonderful job and I understand they had over 200 youth in attendance with their parents. Travis mostly hung around camp but had an important job of finishing off the wounded birds with his red ryder BB gun. He also won a pheasant call at the raffle afterwards. It was fun to spend some time with Travis.

Thanks to Jodi for feeding us a delicious dinner coming and going. She was also kind enough to let us crash on her floor for the night. We enjoyed getting the kids wound up for her before bedtime. Travis sure likes his little buddy Zach.

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