Well water vs. City Water?

While visiting with our future neighbors over the weekend we learned an interesting thing. City water runs right past our house to our neighbors house. It seems silly to me to drill a well when the city water line runs right to the property. The problem is that it costs $5500 to buy a water meter from them and to become a stock holder in the water company. Which is not that bad except for the fact that they only meet on a quarterly basis and we are in a hurry to begin construction on our home. The soonest we could have a well permit is about 3-4 months. The next quarterly meeting for Brooklyn water company is at the first of May – only 4 weeks away.

 Tonight I was able to get a phone number for the president of the Brooklyn water company. While speaking with him I got the feeling that there would not be any problem in obtaining a water meter and stock in the company. He said at the last meeting they offered two shares for sale and nobody purchased them. When I asked him what my chances were for getting a share he said probably 100%. That sounds like pretty good odds to me. Plus, he said that in the past they have called special board meetings just for this kind of situation. We will cross our fingers.

A well might come in handy in the future so I think we will continue to pursue both options and see what develops. Part of our plan in building this home is to have a more self-sufficient home with a focus on being prepared for any situation mother nature may through our way.

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