Why Vote for Mitt Romney

I try to avoid politics like the plague. But, since I make my living off the internet and build ecommerce websites, there is really only one clear choice for me. Mitt Romney. With our national economy teetering on the edge of ruin I think we need a true businessman at the helm. Mitt Romney claims he will find ways to curb government spending and launch a massive campaign to urge economic growth. One of the key factors for me is in keeping the internet tax free. Another one of my hot buttons is energy independence. With all of the resources we have in this great Country we continue to depend needlessly on foreign nations for oil and energy. I understand that Mitt Romney is facing an uphill battle, but when the primaries come he will have my vote.

If you agree with the Mitt Romney and want to curb government spending, lower taxes, grow our economy and push for energy independence then vote for Mitt Romney in your State’s primaries. If you have a blog or a website you can help sprend the word to others by linking to WebmasterVote.org. A few of my internet buddies and I are trying to wield our collective search engine clout by driving people to one website to keep the internet tax free.

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