Woodworking Projects

Joel Building a Corner Desk

Saturday I came home to find my workshop was invaded by family and friends. I have an open door policy with my shop as long as they clean up after themselves, they are welcome to use the shop and my tools. My brother-in-law Joel was working on a new corner desk for his office workstation. He is a county appraiser by day but a real good craftsman hoping to own his own cabinet shop someday.

Jeff building a dining table with leaf insert

My brother-in-law Jeff was working on a dining table that was supposed to be a christmas gift for his wife. He lives 2 hours away so it is taking a while for him to get finished only working on his project every other Saturday. He is currently working at a large commercial cabinet shop in Springville, UT.

Chris builds and stains 4 dog kennel decks

My neighbor Chris was working on building 4 portable dog kennel decks that will fit nicely under his priefert dog kennels. He was careful to stain and seal the wood on all sides before assembling the deck pads. He wated them to be portable so he can re-position his dog kennels with the seasons to get optimal sunlight or shade.

Cam applies laquer to an entertainment center

My brother-in-law Cameron actually has several projects in progress right now. Today he was brushing laquer on an entertainment center that he is building for his sister-in-law. Cameron is also working on some 4 poster beds for my kids, and a custom cabinet job for a guys dune buggy trailer. I still have yet to build something of consequence in my own workshop. I do love having a big workshop (60×60) like that to tinker in, what a great space.

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