Blue and Gold Banquet

Cub Scout Blue and Gold Banquet

Travis has been getting going in the cub scouts. He recently received his bobcat award at the blue and gold banquet. The theme of the night was Aloha! Hawaiian haystacks were served and they even had a shaved ice booth.

The Chocolate Fountain

The big hit was the chocolate¬†fountain. The kids didn’t eat much else, just drizzled chocolate on everything they could think of. I even caught a few fingers going into the fount.

cellophane candy-filled lei

Each of the kids that were in attendance got to make a cellophane lei filled with candy and treats. It was definitely a fun event for the whole family.


Max was content to run wild in the large gymnasium. We had to confiscate his cowboy boots since they made quite a racket clomping across the hardwood floor.

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